Hit-A-Thon Event Coming Up On June 1st

Use your pledge pages and raise as much money as you can for the League

Updated Thursday May 14, 2015 by Justin Markley.

Our Hit-A-Thon event is coming up on June 1st.  This is a big fundraiser for YBSWC and you have a great opportunity to help.  After our game on the day of the Hit-A-Thon you will get five hits with the distances measured and totaled.  The idea is to get people to pledge support for you based on an amount per foot that you will hit.  A good estimate to give people is about 1,000 feet or an estimated range of 800-1,500 feet.  And a reasonable pledge per foot is anywhere from $0.01 to $0.10 per foot.  If a person wants to help support you but doesn’t want to leave the amount unknown, they can also pledge a flat dollar amount. 

You already have a donation/pledge page set up on the DoJiggy website. The address is http://ybswc.dojiggy.com/ng/index.cfm/ac239ec/regPages/pages/?p=af1ae72c.  To get to your personal page just click on “Participants” from the home page and then sort the list to find your name.  You can edit your page if you would like.  I believe Julie has sent everyone their usernames.  If you don’t have it, it is available on the Hit-A-Thon News Page from the main YBSWC website (direct link is http://durangobaseball.org/site/ClientSite/article/138026).

When you go to your page you will see a login button.  Go to the login page and enter your username.  Then click on “reset password.”  The site will ask for you to enter your email.  I think it will be a parent email but if not try the player email.  When entered, the site will email you your password.  Then you can use your username and password to login and personalize your page before sending to potential supporters.

You can personalize the message to people who may view your page.  You can add pictures and/or video.  You can adjust your goal…it was set up as $75.  You can also share on social media sites.  You can tailor an email message and then copy and paste into your own email.  Your potential supporters can then use your page to make an online tax deductible donation or pledge.  If you have someone that wants to support you but doesn’t want to use the website, there is an off line donation/pledge form available (attached to this post).  So get the word out to as many people as you can and raise as much as you can.  Then hit the balls hard the day of the Hit-A-Thon!

You are welcome to use photos from the team website if you would like.  http://marangers15.durangobaseball.org/site

YBSWC puts on a great program that not only helps our kids learn the game of baseball but provides a great deal of fun and other learning opportunities.  It takes a lot of money to keep a program like this going and to be as good as it is.  While local businesses help a lot, we need to take this opportunity to help as well.  The field rentals and maintenance, equipment, umpires, etc. all cost.  Participating in the Hit-A-Thon will help keep registration costs down and allow the League to continue providing everything they can to make the baseball experience as good as it can be.


Thank you!

Hitathon Offline Donation Form.doc.pdf
Hitathon Player instructions.pdf
YBSWC Hitathon FAQ.pdf
YBSWC Hitathon Parents letter.pdf

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